Liza Koshy Out Of Ideas (UPDATED)

Looks like Liza Koshy is slowly running out of ideas.

UPDATE: A video dedicated to just bloopers, she’s either running out of time or running out of ideas.

Or just running. Who knows?


This week she posted a video on 73 questions with Jet.

And the whole six minutes was filmed in one shot, and it was freaking awesome.

It’s obvious she’s running out of ideas but the long YouTube clip, like, longer than her usual four minute clips, was awesome.

And we reckon she’s on the upwards, and we know it seems otherwise ’cause of our title but that was just a clickbait title…like what Liza and her boyfriend David Dobrik do.

Not to mention they make a shit load of money but ah who cares they make great content.

The top image is from the Liza Koshy Too YouTube channel

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