Editor’s column #1

What a crazy week it’s been on social media, from Schapelle Corby signing up for Instagram – and gaining 45k within a few days – to Margaret Court and her ‘I’m not flying Qantas ’cause they support same sex marriage’.

Pedestrian.TV continues to commentate on Domain and their articles smashing (avocados) young people and their inability to buy a house.

Margaret Court appeared on The Project and boy, how’d she not see it coming that a program where Waleed Aly has openly supported everything from young people to dairy farmers that they wouldn’t gang up against her?

Just Google ‘The Project smashes Court live on air’ and watch it again and again and again.

Margaret, if you have PR people…fire them, jfc.

Top photo from Pexels, Pixabay

Matt Male

Bachelor of Journalism post-graduate. Rides unicycles~