David Dobrik Put A Puppy In A Microwave In His First VLOG

Dang, now that was some good clickbait, wasn’t it?

While his clickbait isn’t as bad as what it was…

It’s fair to say him and girlfriend Liza Koshy know how clickbait-y their titles are because they’re now selling merchandise, which you’ll see Liza often wearing in David’s videos.

Despite David earning a freaking shit load of money (which we WILL reveal later), he wants to his fans, most of who are poor millennials to buy merchandise off him to help fund his extravagant Tesla-lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.56.54 pm

He’s charging his fans around $40 for the hoodies. You could just go out and buy a plain hoodie for $10 and iron ‘Clickbait’ on it to be honest…

Oh and if you’re in Australia, that works out to roughly $53ish plus shipping and taxes.


Top image from David Dobrik Too, YouTube

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