These Four Domains Are Worth $195k+ Each

A number of high-value domains which have been off-the-market for years have just been released to auction.

Despite many of these domains having a seven figure net worth, they are being offered in the high five figure to six figure price range, making them affordable for digital content production businesses or top level domain investors to purchase.

You can place bids for these domains at Afternic.

Afternic has partnerships with other domain auction sites and can generate up to 75 million views of auctioned domain names through its expansive domain name seller networks.

The domains up for grabs include popular consumer electronics via the Internet (, HD and UHD iTV-based physical therapy (, fitness and healthcare (, popular casual games ( and, and more.

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Domain names beginning with e- (“electronic”) and iTV (Interactive Television) are especially valuable these days, because of affordable consumer electronics, affordable virtual reality, and affordable HD (2K) and UHD (4K or IMAX) iTV Sets.

Here are some of the domains up for grabs and their minimum prices for making an offer: – $795,000 – $495,000 – $195,000 – $195,000 – $45,000


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