Unicorn Toast Is Official

Ever feel like toast just isn’t enough for you?

Do you get burnt charcoal because your toaster is 10-years-old and you have to jab a fork in the toaster to get the toast charcoal out?

Well no more…well yes more. But this time it’s going to look p-r-e-t-t-y. Unicorn toast, also known as Mermaid toast and Rainbow toast is here. Seriously.

It looks like food stylist and photographer content creator Adeline Waugh was behind this one.

All the toast, as per usual ­čŹ×#toasttuesday #iamwellandgood

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And I know mum, this is like smashing a fruit into a thousand pieces, putting it on toast and charging $22.

But LOOK AT IT. It’s colourful cream cheese?!


Top photo from vibrantandpure Instagram page

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